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We just finished mapping out how to get to the Makuhari Messe, site of the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show, and it wasn't until we were all the way to the Tokyo station that we first saw a sign for the big car show. Also, that's not blurriness because of how bad the camera is, it's motion blur because of how fast folks walk around this place. We feel like anyone traveling the subways or on the sidewalks here could be a championship speed walker. But whatever, the point is that the Japanese rail system is amazing and like everything else here, runs with absolutely mind-blowing and maniacal precision. So, now that we know how to get to the show, keep your browser set at our Tokyo Auto Show tag to spend the day with us checking out the sights and sounds of Tokyo throughout the day, and stay with us throughout the night as we blog live from the city of absolute precision through the night starting with the first reveal at 8:30 PM tonight. [Japan Railways East]