When used well, Photoshop is one of the most amazing programs ever devised for the computer. When used poorly you get a family sedan that only has three wheels. Meet the Morgan Three-Wheeler's new competitor.

The Opel Insignia is known over in these parts as the Buick Regal. Of course, we're a bunch of boring Americans and prefer our cars to be uninteresting, which is to say we like them to have a wheel at each corner.

Europeans though... Those daring chaps like to live dangerously. And that means driving a family sedan without a right front wheel that will be more challenging to drive than a Reliant Robin. Imagine the thrill of throwing it into a left hander and transferring the weight to the non-existent right front corner. It has to be a thrill! It's Nurburgring time will suffer, but driving excitement will prevail. Opel is apparently the new Pontiac!

Or GM Europe just doesn't have Photoshop down quite yet.

One or the other.

(Hat Tip to Chris Doane Automotive!)