Tiny Toons Get Drunk, Steal Cop Car In Banned Episode

We're pretty sure political correctness existed in the 90's, but this supposedly-banned episode of Warner Brother's Tiny Toons somehow depicts young Buster, Plucky, and Hamton getting hammered on beer then stealing a cop car.

This is like looking back on old-timey Looney Tunes cartoons where every other character is wielding a firearm and incredible violence is hilarious, stuff that just isn't done in modern cartoons, and yet, here it is in a fairly modern cartoon. Cartoon kids drinking, stealing, driving under the influence is an interesting choice. Of course, it's wrapped up with a bow as a cautionary tale against the dangers of alcohol, but we all know the truth. The writers and animators got bored and wanted to go edgy. They went edgy enough to get the episode banned from television, according to the YouTube poster. We're not sure if this is hilarious or just weird. [Youtube via Iodized]

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I think I remember seeing this episode as well. Of course I wasn't that old at the time and most of those years have been blurred by many a night spent drinking.

So no Buster, I did not get the message.