Tiny Hatchback Screams For Dear Life As Dump Truck Shoves It Hundreds Of Yards Down The Road

Photo: ChrisFavs/YouTube
Photo: ChrisFavs/YouTube

In Malaysia, a big yellow dump truck plowed a Perodua Myvi hatchback and likely its terrified driver down a street for what looks like at least a few hundred yards. The sound belching from the little car’s screeching tires and horn makes this video hard to watch.

The Daily Mail says this was a case of “alleged road-rage,” but then goes on to suggest that maybe the trucker didn’t notice the tortured econobox glued to the truck’s front bumper. That can happen when you’ve got a torquey diesel truck already hauling probably close to ten tons of payload.

The motorcyclist filming the video honked and eventually waved the truck driver down, and the poor Perodua’s torture finally came to the end.


There’s no word on whether the Perodua driver was injured, but that little Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance— if it can even be fixed— is scarred for life.

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Damn this election is getting to me. I read the headline as “Tiny Hatchback Screams For Dear Life As Donald Trump Shoves It Hundreds Of Yards Down The Road”