Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Heads up for another episode of Nice Price Or Crack Pipe, where you make the call on car sellers' asking prices! Last time we were here, 89% of you felt that the seller of the $95K '87 Corvette was asking way too much, the second-highest Crack-Pipe-O-Meter™ score we've ever seen (after the 92% attained by the $41K VW Syncro). This time we're going to make the choice more of a dilemma for y'all; it's a genuine automotive icon, recognizable the world over, et freakin' cetera, and it's in great shape. Your heart would have to be a lump of liquid-nitrogen-cooled steel to remain indifferent to a genuine '57 210 with the 283-horse fuelie 283 engine… but is 97,000 bucks a Crack Pipe price today, as the global economic system collapses around us? That's 97 grand you won't have available to buy a fleet of Toyota pickups, a crate of Chinese SKS rifles, and sufficient MREs for a couple years in the hills!

[Hemmings Motor News]