The Jalopnik Film Festival is only 12 days away and I'm excited to announce the panel for the rally documentary Easier Said Than Done, which will include none other than rally driver and Hoonimus Maximus Ken Block talking rally with director Matt Johnson.

What's going to happen can best be described as a happy rally sandwich, with bread made from some of the most interesting people in the world of American rally racing and a meaty, crowd-sourced salami of a documentary called Easier Said Than Done that will get a pre-debut screening on September 19th at BAM Rose Cinema in Brooklyn (Buy tickets here).

After the film our own Raphael Orlove will moderate a panel to discuss the film, the sport, and the future of going fast on dirt-and-snow with the best group of people we could assemble (who were willing to take our phone calls).

Ken Block — Hoonigan Supreme My favorite line about Ken Block (aka Sheriff Kensco P. Hoontrane) comes from Bill Caswell, who pointed out that more Americans have walked on the moon than scored points in the World Rally Championship. That makes Ken Block better than an astronaut. He's delighted us with his Gymkhana videos, drifted all the things, and brought hooning into American homes through our computers.

There's simply more to say about Ken Block than can fit in a short introduction, but it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that he's the most popular driver in America who hasn't raced around Indy.

Brian Scotto — Chief Brand Officer at Hoonigan Industries Scotto is the guy who lurks somewhat secretly behind the scenes of most of the good things that have happened in car culture over the last decade. The reason why everyone knows the word 'hoon' and what it stands for? That's Scotto and Davey G. playing around in OG Jalopnikland. The dude on the Segway in those crazy Gymkhana videos? Scotto. Those back issues of 0-60 you'll never ever part with? Scotto founded 0-60.


These days he works with Ken Block and Hoonigan Industries to spread the good word. Did I mention he owns a RWB Porsche?

Matt Johnston — Director A Grand Rapids native, Matt Johnston loves two things: Rally and filmmaking. As a driver competing in North America, Johnston was able to win a Gp2 National Championship in 2005 and made it all the way to entering a WRC race in 2006 before running out of money. He went on, then, to focus on filmmaking and produced the documentary Easier Said Than Done which officially premieres later this month.


Because he's a great guy, and because Jalopnik readers contributed to funding it, Johnston agreed to screen the film early as a sneak preview during the festival.

Bill Caswell — Driver, Lover, Crazy Person Bill Caswell brings unique insight from the world of rally racing and the world of filmmaking. The former, because he did this, and the latter because he sold the rights to a part of his life for a film. You probably know him as the crazy guy who does crazy awesome things all the crazy awesome time.