Thunderbird is Stop! Daniel Baldwin Cracks Up Rental

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Ah, the Baldwins, a source of endless amusement and merriment to celeb-stalkers throughout the LA metro area. And 45-year-old Daniel obviously didn't want to disappoint his fan(s?), so he picked himself up a Thunderbird and wove through traffic like he was some sort of aspiring Drift Prince at speeds of up to 80mph. And then the predictable happened. He blew a light and smacked into parked cars, knocking a freaking Hummer twenty feet. Now that, friends, is what we call Hoon Velocity. What's more, he was driving on a suspended license, and the po-po had to point the gat at him to get him to cooperate. Oh Danny Boy, the jail guitar doors are calling... [Thanks to Scott for the tip.]

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