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Throw yourself into your week like these ambitious photographers throwing themselves into the path of danger just to get a good shot.


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This picture looks like it was probably taken in the 1960s. Back then, articles in motorsports magazines often mentioned how crazy motor sport photographers were. One editor claimed that he had received a request from a photographer who wanted help in getting permission to strap hiself to the top of the engine in a front-engined dragster so that he could get pictures of the driver’s face during a run.

Another thing of note is that one sometimes saw pictures of race photographers wearing a coat and a tie. If you are going to be crazy, you might as well be well-dressed.

In the time before digital photography, drones, GoPros, etc., things were different. I always assumed that those folks put themselves in dangerous positions because that was the only way to get the picture they wanted.

I miss closeup photos of drivers wearing open-faced helmets in open cockpits, but the loss of some of that photographic access to drivers was a small price to pay for the reduction in deaths and injuries to them associated with better helmets and safer cars.