Gjunai Gjursel has probably got some 'splainin to do after his three year old daughter Katarina decided to take a joyride through the Bulgarian town of Beli Lom. The tot apparently hopped into the driver's seat after dad stepped out, she grabbed the keys, turned on the car, shifted into drive and then took off. For a half a mile. Through an outside market. Eventually her skills came to an end and the car came to a stop in a river where she, and the four and six year old cousins accompanying her, were pulled out by locals.

There are a couple of amazing aspects to this story. First that despite the relatively poor driving skills of a 3-year-old, nobody was hurt. Second, that a youngin' would be able to pull something like this in the first place. Look out world, we've found the next Sabine Schmidt or Danica Patrick. [Ananova]