Poland's FSO Syrena stands proudly among the world's great automobiles in dead-stock form, but some malcontents have suggested that its two-stroke two-banger comes up short in the power, smoothness, and clean-emissions departments. So now, from the country that brought us Madame Curie and Fr d ric Chopin, we have this... uh... modified Syrena. This clip from a Polish TV show seems to show a Syrena with some variety of Porsche 6-cylinder engine (plus Porsche wheels, wing, and airbag-equipped steering wheel). The show's producers reveal neither the engine nor its sound (nor anything useful about the car's construction) but this Syrena is clearly waaay faster (and uglier) than it was when it rolled off FSO's assembly line. A quick online translation of the explanatory text by the YouTube poster comes back as "made from bases on sub-assembly Porsche," which seems to indicate the car rides on a complete Porsche chassis.

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