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Three Spectators Killed At Estonia's Harju Rally

This Saturday, a race car on the final stage of the Harju Rally overturned several times off the road, taking the lives of two men and a woman in a designated spectator area, including another driver and his mechanic. According to ABC News, the cause of the crash is still unknown.


Estonian driver Sander Sepp and navigator Ants Uustalu were taken to the hospital after their Renault Clio Ragnotti rolled several times. Their current condition is unknown.


The three spectators who were killed were all Estonians in their twenties and thirties. According to eWRC-Results, the two men were rally driver Janek Jelle and his mechanic.

Police spokesman Madis Vaikmaa told ABC News that an investigation has been started into the cause of the accident. The accident happened on Saturday afternoon under clear conditions.

H/T Justin Hughes

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I live quite close to this spot and have driven the road several times. It was actually not a very dangerous spot, quite easy high-speed kink, but the surface got unexpectedly soft. Some cars coming before had close calls and because of that most of the spectators backed off, even though they were in the correct spectator zone.