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Three Aventadors: Triventador

Oh nothing, just three Lamborghini Aventadors together. No big deal.


This behind-the-scenes video from Derek Walker Photography has some of that ‘dubbed steps' music that the kids are all talking about and some questionable license plates (Trending? Really?), but we can't front on three Aventadors in Verde Ithica, Arianco Argos, and Azure Blue tearing it up together. It's car porn no matter how you cut it.

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J "oppo" Zeke

I still think the Aventador is hideous. It's cool if you're a kid I guess but they do so little for me in person. Yadda yadda supercar V12 accessible performance who cares - it's really ugly.

Plus those kids would have a much harder time getting on the waiting list for the infinitely sexier F12, which only makes the Fezza that much more appealing.