Jalopnik Is Playing Forza Today, And We Want You To Join Us

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It’s Wednesday, and we’re getting bored. We want to race cars, but unfortunately, we’re still locked in an office. But there is Another Way. We’re still going to race cars, we’re just going to do it virtually. We’re having a Forza 6 tournament, right here, and we want you to join in the fun.


We really don’t have much of an excuse as to why we’re playing Forza, other than we have an Xbox One in our office, we have a TV in our office, and we have a Patrick George in our office. And also, we have beer in our office. That’s really it. But we feel like combining those four, so we’re going to have ourselves a little Forza 6 tourney.

But we don’t want it to just be us, playing by ourselves, because we all find each other completely insufferable. To lighten our burden a bit, we want you to come hang out, on Twitch.tv. We’ll be under the username JalopnikMatt, and you can find us here. It’ll be like you’re right there in the room with us, except, you know, not actually. But still!

Consider this a mini-Jalop meetup, all from the comfort of your own home.

Sadly, for a bunch of really boring reasons, we won’t actually be playing Forza online, and for whatever reason the game doesn’t come with a split-screen function SCRATCH ALL THAT, IT’S TIME FOR SPLIT-SCREEN KNOCKOUT BABY. So we’re going to be setting lap times in our office. The best Jalopnik staffer’s time wins, and gets full use of Raphael Orlove’s apartment for a month.

(Raphael doesn’t know about this provision though, so don’t tell him.)

We’ll be starting around 5 PM EST. Hope to see you there.

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Thought you guys were going to be on Xbox Live and we could join you in a Jalopnik Race to the Death. Now I’m kind of disapointed I won’t be able to push Patrick into the wall in a Camaro.