Though Not a Hybrid, New BMW 5-Series to Have Regenerative Breaking

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Was ist das? A non-hybrid with a regenerative braking system. Yes, BMW's latest 5-Series sports an intelligent alternator that uses energy collected during braking to charge the battery. Not your regular Die Hard, this battery is a quick-charge glass mat, a new construction using saturated absorbent glass (boron silicate) mats between the plates rather than gel or liquid electrolyte. The system translates to a three percent decrease in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. It's part of a new push at BMW to employ fuel-saving tech like low-resistance tires, start-stop systems and aerodynamics. Trickle-down hybridnomics? We'll take it.


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Mike Spinelli

Good question, SwatLax. I should have qualified "battery" in this context. It's the one supplying electric energy to the starter motor and ignition system. Yes, that battery.