Car makers love to give promising names to their latest models, but sometimes the product doesn't match the expectations of the badge. Here are the ten most misleading car names ever.

10.) Mercedes-Benz 6.3

German carmakers are lying to you. Especially Mercedes-Benz:

Mercedes E63, C63, R63, S63 and every other Merc XYZ63. They are ALL 6.2's, and share nothing in common with the venerable 6.3L upon which they are trying to trade.

There might be misnamed cars that are 'funnier', but this was the beginning of the breakdown of honesty from the Germans, which begat cars like the current 328/528 BMW's, the 335, etc etc, none of which have the displacement indicated by their badges, which instead try to hark back to their glory days. Even Audi is trying to play the game with their supercharged 3.oT. T??? It's got a Thupercharger? Well that's just thuper! Big Gay Al might approve, but I don't.

Ergo, Merc's fall from grace was the beginning of the end of honesty-in-naming from the Germans...

Suggested By: maximum_sarge, Photo Credit: Daimler

9.) Dodge Avenger

Regular Car Reviews sums up the Avenger as "the car for those who pretty much had it with cars". This retail sports sedan couldn't avenge shit. And Chrysler knows that.

Suggested By: Johnatan Woodall, Photo Credit: Chrysler

8.) Lincoln Town Car

You would think a "town car" is something small like a Smart. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Then again, maybe it all depends on how you look at it. If the name should suggest that the Lincoln is close to a town in size, it's spot on.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: Ford

7.) Chrysler Concorde

The Concorde jet was so ahead of its time that flying actually got slower since it was withdrawn from service. Chrysler tried to capitalize on that by naming a boring sedan after it.

Suggested By: The Stig's Rustbelt Cousin, Photo Credit: Chrysler

6.) Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport

It wasn't sporty or European, celebrities weren't among its buyers, and if you happened to own one, it was sure hard to find a reason for celebration.

Suggested By: ranwhenparked, Photo Credit: GM/aldenjewell

5.) Suzuki Swift

What you know as the Geo Metro is originally called the Suzuki Swift, and apart from the reasonably fast sporty version, it just wasn't.

Suggested ByThe Stig's Rustbelt Cousin, Photo Credit: Suzuki/aldenjewell

4.) BMW Gran Coupe

Some sights you never forget, especially if it's a coupe with four doors.

Suggested By:Arch Duke Maxyenko, Great Job, Photo Credit: BMW

3.) Chevy Sprint


More like "Jog" or "Walk"


More like "Limp" or "Stumble"

What's the fastest speed you've achieved in a Chevy Sprint?

Suggested By: unhcampus, Photo Credit: GM/aldenjewell

2.) Triumph Acclaim

Forget the Plymouth Acclaim, this is worse. It's a Honda Ballade badge-engineered by British Leyland to become a Triumph you couldn't possibly acclaim.

Suggested By: solracer, Photo Credit: Triumph/Hugo90

1.) Daewoo Racer/Pontiac Le Mans

The Opel Kadett made it to both Korea and the US as the Racer and the last LeMans. I don't know which version was worse, but Pontiac would be a fair guess.

Suggested By: thedriver, Photo Credit: GM

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Top Photo Credit: GM via aldenjewell