Those racing stripes aren't paint

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There's the kind of guy who goes to Pepboys and, in a misguided attempt to upgrade his car, will buy everything shiny. And there's the fella who bypasses Pepboys altogether and goes straight for Home Depot. Enter, the "Tapestang".

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Reader John spotted this particular Ford Mustang V6 decked out in all manner of adhesive enhancements including an egregiously non-functional tape-on hood scoop in his Austin, Texas apartment complex. Flanking the ersatz intake is a thick rim of black-and-red tape not unlike the ACR-X Dodge Viper.


John calls the tape "duct tape," but given the attention to detail on the spoiler I'll be generous and say it's racing tape. As for the word "Annunaki" on the side. That could be the person's name, or the Sumerian God. So maybe we should not make so much fun of the person.

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This reminds me of a similar Ford in another apartment parking lot when I was in college in Austin. It was a red Ford Probe with the words "1996 Ford Probe" on a banner atop the windshield and a deep yellow flame of tape on the nose. Same guy? I wonder.

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Hanging posters.

Decorative book cover.

Fix broken tail light on vehicle.

Twist a long piece into rope (thousands more uses).

Tape wires down on floor or out of the way.

Tape wires back together after splicing (much wider than electricians' tape).

Reattach rear view mirror.

Repair cracked windshield/window.

Patch ripped clothing.

Hide unsightly wallpaper seams.

Repair broken hoses.

Repair broken fan belt.

Use as art medium.

Fix broken book binding.

Band-Aid for really big cuts.

Attach leg splint to broken leg.

Wallpaper your house (may be slightly expensive, but well worth it for the resulting sophisticated look).

Reinforce pages in 3 ring binder.

Cover up empty drive bays.

Fold in half and use as bookmark.

Disk labels.

Rappelling harness.

Toilet paper.

Hinge on cabinet door.

Repairing leak in tire/inner tube.

Taping annoying people to walls, floor, ceiling, or bed.

Holding together computer cases.

Hold up exhaust pipe (doesn't last very long).

Repair upholstery.

Make lawn furniture.

Make lawn decorations.

Fix racquetball racquets.

Roll into a ball for hockey practice.

Mark lines on a sporting event field.

Clothing � all sorts.

Can be use to wrap duct work, but doesn't seal or hold up ducts very well.

Use to pull unsightly hair.

Keeps pledges in their place (also applies to siblings).

Patches holes in vinyl siding.

An entire roll can be used in place of a bedroom door to keep someone in for hours.

Twisted correctly, can be used as a billy-club.

Wrapped around newspaper to make a dog chew toy.

Holding on book covers.

Reflective lettering.

Mute function for humans.

Contraceptive device.

Climbing rope.


Cover old pocket folders — lasts forever!

Shoe designs.


Sealing envelopes (in case you hate the taste of envelope glue).

Replacement for airplane glue.

For store owners: great way to keep the wigs on mannequins.

Seat belts that'll REALLY keep the kids still.

Closing chip bags.

Make the stapler obsolete!

Putting up Christmas lights (easy removal).

Why bother with waxing...

Add several layers to your car's bumpers for a much safer ride.

Fix vacuum cleaner hose.

Tape ski boot to your ski when the binding breaks.

Repair seams of ski gloves.

Wrap around your waist when your zipper splits in a one piece ski suit.

Lift and separate when you don't want to wear a bra or can't have straps showing.

Hold temple onto eye glasses.

Fix printer.

Make a wallet out of it.

Hold car hood shut.

Patch hole in canoe.

Fixing sets for the school play.

Making props look more realistic.

Make letter for letter jacket.

Hold your letter to your letter jacket.

Re-enforce the phone cord.

Hold batteries in remote control.

Play a CD (reflect a laser beam onto a CD to play it).

Stick pictures up in your locker.

Fix holes in your Airwalks.

Use instead of nail polish.

Hold pens together.


Wrap your ankle for sports.

Can be used in place of handcuffs.


Hold file cabinet together.

Hold shoe laces together.

Can replace shoe laces.

Can be used in place of Velcro.

Write term paper on it.

Graduation present.

Can be used to put back together a shredded term paper.

Stop your jeans from fraying.

Hair ties.

Hold spikes to your cleats.

Make a book shelf.


Note cards.

Remove lint from clothes.

Makes great bumper stickers with a sharpie!

Cook a baked potato in it.

Hold car door shut.

Tape plastic over broken rear window in car.

Tape down ripped carpet.

Tape sole of ratty sneaker to body of sneaker.

Hold speaker wire to the back of speaker.

Use it as a Biore strip.

Practical joke toilet paper replacement.

Makes a good bib.

Put it on your lawn and paint it green. Say good-bye to mowing.

Mouse trap.

Fly paper.

Tape your little brothers' mouths shut.

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Roofing shingles.

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For the annoying mother-in-law.

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Home security system - tape up doors and windows.

Watch band.

CD case.

Wrap a soda can or bottle in duct tape to keep it cold.

Makes stylish notebook decorations.

Use it to fix old instruments.

Use it as a dog/cat/rabbit/frog/lizard/etc. leash.

Hold on toupees.

Duct tape annoying, rambunctious students to their seats.

Reupholster the roof on a '83 Mustang convertible (or any vehicle for that matter).

Attach it to the end of a yard stick (sticky side out) as a way to get pennies out from behind the couch.

Surgical bandage.

Fix a cigarette that is broken at the filter.

A clothesline when you're out in the middle of nowhere. (Peace Corps favorite.)

Use it as a substitute for Bondo.

Makes excellent streamers for bicycle handlebars.

Toilet seat cover.


Replace broken screen in your screen doors to create an excellent storm door for those cold winter nights.

Makes great posters with the aid of magic markers.

Make a sheet for your bed.

Wrap freshmen up in it.

Use to make the lines in the middle of the road.

Make a space suit out of it so you can walk on the moon.

Use as a musical instrument.

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Stare at it and try to find new uses for it.

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Throw it at people.

Write on it and stick to someone's back.

Put a few rolls on their side and roll them to have a duct tape race!

Tape a hedge trimmer or chain saw to a long pole in order to trim or cut tall trees.

Use it as hockey tape.

Tape Tupperware containers together in a way that you can stack them on top of each other for more storage space.

Use to keep the cover of an old ice cream maker securely attached.

Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard, wrap duct tape around it and get a really inexpensive original looking picture frame.

Tape Nerf basketball hoop to the back of a door because they just don't stay on their own.

Make a pouch and attach it to a door so you can hold stuff.

Repair smashed pumpkin.

Waterproof sun screen for bald men.

Snowmobile/motorcycle seat cover.

Hold broken U-joints together on truck so you can make it home.

Makes a good replacement for chrome.

Patch holes in convertibles or soft top jeeps.

Resurface your trampoline.

Artificial lighting.

Use it to tape 10 year olds with sugar highs to trees during boyscout trips.

Can be made to fashion weapons in a pinch.

Emergency limb replacements.


Make fantastic puppets and other toys.

Can be used to clean the floor when no vacuum is available.

S & M.

Make a ball.

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Patch up fish tank.

Halloween costume.

Waterproof footwear.

Make a makeup case.

Repair leak in pilot gas line.

Gagging device.

Pin striping.

Wrapping Christmas presents.

Patch seams in carpeting.

Patch a hole in a tent.

No need for lunch box - just tape all your food together!

Use to keep President Clinton's pants up.

Cute plant holder.

Keep hair in place.

Make a tie out of it.

Chastity belt.

Blister repair.

Censor speech on softball uniforms.

Repair pantyhose.

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Keeping guitar strap on your guitar.

Taping mic to mic stand (or a hockey stick).

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Get rid of plantars warts.

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Hold a car battery in.



Attach glow-in-the-dark bugs to people's houses.

Fixing the toilet seat.


Window shade.

Hair extensions.

Seat covering for a 1963 Vespa GS 160 (or any other vehicle for that matter).

Wrap around cardboard tube to make fake swords for the kids.

Waterproof apron.

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Toilet paper roll cover.

Cell phone holder.

Tool belt.

Shower curtain.

Repair speaker cones.

Poor man's Viagra - two Popsicle sticks and duct tape.

Hold the plastic (or Mylar) on your car where the window should be.

Wrap a "365 Uses For Duct Tape" calendar for Christmas.

Hold up worn out socks.


Tape keys to bottom of car so you never lose them.

And now.

Racing Stripes.