Those People Over At Lotus Are A-Ok

Today we learned that Lotus is looking to hire a bunch more people at the upcoming Norwich job fair. We also learned that the people who already work there are pretty ok too.


Commenter and autojourno in his own right Speedmonkey is making a trip up to Hethel in a couple of weeks and asked the PR people about bringing his son. Doesn't sound like they could be more accommodating:

I'm going up to see Lotus, tour the factory, take lunch with them and try out their cars on track on 29 October. I'll report back on Oppo. As that's a school holiday week I asked if my son could go too. Here's what the PR said: "Sure!! I'm a great Nanny as well as PR extraordinaire!!!"

How cool is that!

That is really cool. It's also really cool that the people at Lotus aren't a totally faceless corporate entity. They have the same fun character as their cars.

Good for them.

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