At first, I was a bit skeptical of Pirelli's plans to test new 18-inch wheels on a Lotus F1 car. Sure, 18 inches of wheel isn't exactly nuts on a production car, but I'd grown up with the piddly little 13-inchers surrounded by fat donuts of tires. But after seeing them pounding around the track, they look fantastic.


There's some debate about whether or not these will see a race due to all the development costs that switching wheel sizes would entail, but they already look great in Lotus gold. Can you imagine how good they'd look in Williams Martini white?


No, no you can't. Because if you are now reading this sentence, you clearly did not. All those who did are now dead, because their head exploded from the sheer force of awesome.

Today is the day you finally thank God for blessing you with a dull mind.

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