Victor Muller’s company pulled off a miracle once again. Their previous concept is back as the C8 Preliator, a 525 horsepower supercar with afterburner lights, golden roofs and exposed manuals. I’ll pop a champagne.

Spyker hasn’t been to Geneva since the B6 Venator got unveiled here in 2013. Financial troubles slowed them down a bit. But since then, they move on with a plan to merge with an American airplane company, and put together a new car for 2016 with a team of just 10 people.


According to Victor Muller (who I’ll interview in an hour), they were beyond late when they called the folks behind the Geneva Motor Show, asking for any space, saying “a toilet will do.” While they didn’t have any, the Swiss were nice and managed to give Spyker way more than a toilet.

What you see here is the C8 Preliator’s exposed manual gearbox, among other gorgeous details. Muller claims he thought the time of manuals was gone, but it turns out he couldn’t be more wrong. Spyker’s customers want the proper stuff.


What they also get with the prettiest stick is a supercharged Audi V8 with 525 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, gold foil on the roof for improved heat reflection, a suspension by Lotus, NACA ducts instead of scoops for better aero, and practical options such as a front lift system, a head-up display and an active exhaust. Plus, the paint of an F-22 Raptor with a satin finish.

The cars will also be built in England instead of Holland, limited to 50 units to guarantee exclusivity.

Here are all the reasons why it’s great to have Spyker back, again:

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