Those Damn Gallardo Tweakers: IMSA's Lamborghini GTV Spyder

Illustration for article titled Those Damn Gallardo Tweakers: IMSAs Lamborghini GTV Spyder

Designer Holger Mohr's tuning shop IMSA (no relation to the International Motor Sports Association) started out outfitting new Lamborghinis with body gear and wheelage. Then, earlier this year, the company launched the GTV, which added engine, suspension and AWD tweaks — uprating the Lambo's V10 to 610 horsepower. Now, with the Gallardo Spyder staking out the world's cheeseball nightclubs like a pencil-mustached Lothario, IMSA's created a GTV from the droptop as well. Twist those pinky rings, guys, this one's a keeper.

[via Autoblog]

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Holy crap. I can't believe you just dropped a Sailing the Seas of Cheese reference. Suddenly I am 15 and priming raingutters again.