The Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra 100 Is All Carbon Fiber All The Time Every Time

While 100 cars is a drop in the bucket for someone like Ferrari, it's a huge milestone for a boutique manufacturer like Koenigsegg. And they chose to celebrate with the gift of carbon fiber. This is the Agera S Hundra 100, Koenigsegg's gift to all of us.


If you're a fan of carbon fiber, look no further than the Hundra 100 to get your fill. It even has carbon fiber wheels.

Carbon fiber wheels.

As we've seen on Drive's recent Inside Koenigsegg series, these cars are built with an absolutely stunning attention to detail. I expect nothing less from the Hundra, which is also the only one that will be produced.


That's not too different from every other Koenigsegg, since they tend to modify the cars based on what you want. This one just happens to be the 100th car built.

The paint scheme looks to be bare carbon fiber with some yellow accents. That makes this the perfect car for the Swedish Batman. I bet he keeps a watchful eye over Gothamburg.

(Hat Tip to Tim!)

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Those aren't yellow accents, they're 24k gold with a clear resin set over top to protect them. $20 says a Saudi customer is lurking in the wings... or a rapper.