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Some interesting new photos of what people are claiming could be the 2015 Ford Mustang, which we're also calling the 2014.5 Mustang, have emerged on and appear to show the Aston Martin-inspired nose we've all expected and a fastback rear. The only problem is they're not new and they're barely interesting.


The images in question appear to show clay models inside a Ford design studio. Because the photos are high quality it doesn't seem like someone just whipped out a smartphone and captured the modelers at work. There's also what looks like the Ford Evos-inspired Fusion on the wall.

It's all over the forums and a few websites, but something about it seemed wrong so our skepticism made us reach out to Ford.


These are not leaked images of the new Mustang, but rather old photos from a blogger event held last year in Dearborn to show off some design studies, according to a Ford spokesperson. As we've seen with LaFerrari, automakers go through multiple designs before landing on a final one.

That doesn't mean these aren't going to hint at what's to come, but Ford says it's inaccurate to pretend like this is a leak.

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