Thomas Friedman Takes It From Both Ends: First GM, Now Toyota Attacks!

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The New York Times editor's taking it from every angle today — first from the punditocracy from guys like MotorTrend's "Motor City Blogman" and Fortune's Alex Taylor. Next he took one in the eye from the "other" Tom, GM's Tom Wilkinson. Even we took a shot at him. But now Friedman's taking it from the company he was shooting at to begin with. Yup, now he's taking it from Toyota's 'merican communications man, Irv Miller on Toyota's Open Road blog. Actually, this one's pretty funny — not in what Irv says — that's spot on. What's funny are the comments from Prius owners acting like Toyota just kicked a dog because they make trucks and SUV's. Ah, silly little uninformed environmentalists — what, did you not think Toyota was a company that looks to make money? [Open Road Blog]


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