This woman stun-gunned a pregnant driver

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Ever been caught ahead of some jerk who wants you doing 50 mph even though its a 35-mph zone and you're sticking to the limit? A pregnant New Hampshire driver had that problem escalate into a stun gun attack.


Police in Concord, N.H., say Carissa Williams, 22, was upset because the car in front of her Hyundai wasn't driving fast enough last Monday, so she took the following logical steps:

— She rolled down her window to complain to the driver, Corrine Leclair, 28, that going 35 mph was holding up traffic
— She threw empty bottles and cans at Leclair's vehicle.
— After following Leclair on and off an interstate, she got out of her Hyundai at a stoplight, leaving it running with her six-month-old child inside.
— Williams then climbed into the back of Leclair's car and proceeded to hit her with a stun gun, even as Leclair was on the phone to 911.

Williams is now in custody on $100,000 bail, facing charges of second-degree assault and child endangerment. Her attorney says Williams will fight the charges, because "she believes she was being terrorized on the road before she responded."

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Carissa Williams needs a beat down.

Corrine Leclair needs to stop being a public streets vigilante. Call the cops, don't follow her.

What's even worse is that these two are mothers rearing the next generation.