Most of us never find our automotive soul mate. You know, that one, special car that really speaks to us at the core of our being, the one we would keep around forever.

Amateur train photographer Ashley Rodriguez is one of the lucky people who has, and for her, it's one of my own favorites too — the BMW E28 5-Series. The latest video from Petrolicious highlights Ashley's story.


Ashley has owned every E28 model available, and now she drives a very sweet M535i. She's a trained BMW tech and does the work on it herself, swapping things out when necessary. Because once you find "the one," why would you drive anything else?

"The E28 is my car," she says. "Everybody tells me the E28 is me. There's nothing about it that separates us... There's always going to be newer cars out there, but what's the point?"

Have you found your soul mate yet?