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It was just a week ago when nature was more fun than terrifying, so let’s go back to those good times to watch one of the most epic wingsuit flights I’ve ever seen. On August 21, Marshall Miller and a group of his wingsuit-flying friends decided to jump during the solar eclipse’s totality, and the footage is incredible.

Timing for the 14,000-foot jump over Madras, Oregon, had to be just right in order to catch total darkness in the middle of the day. Clouds were one concern, but fortunately, they ended up going away in time to catch the sun and moon in perfect alignment.

The lights on the suits are probably for safety, as they are effectively making a night jump here. That being said, they’re a cool effect when the lights shine through the wings just right.


I can’t imagine a better way to spend a cool phenomenon happening in the sky than, well, in the sky.


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