When we last heard from ElectricFederal, they were showing us the history of the Mini. Now, though, they show us what its like to own one of the OG's of the 80s, the Mercedes 560 SEC AMG.

The 560 SEC AMG was built before AMG was actually part of Mercedes-Benz, and as such was a bit more akin to the insanity Brabus is today. As such their cars were a bit louder, a bit rougher, and a bit harder. They didn't have the nanny-state traction control the way AMG cars are now fitted, but at the same time they weren't so ridiculously overpowered that you could seriously hurt yourself too easily. That makes them quite desirable cars today.

This particular 'Benz, owned by car designer Kahren Arakelyan, is a 1988 model. And boy, is she purdy.


H/t to Rony!