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This Truck Race Is Cuter Than Kittens

Do you hear me kittens? The gauntlet has been thrown. I defy you to be as adorable as this race of Daihatsu Midgets.


Kitten have big eyes, and fluffy fur, and a stubborn tenacity that makes them utterly, utterly endearing. Just thinking about kittens fills me with joy at this very moment. If there were a way that I could have at least seventeen kittens pawing around on this desk right now, believe me, I would take that opportunity.

But there is no way I would choose kittens over a Daihatsu Midget, the cutest lil' kei truck of the modern era. Best Motoring racing them is pretty much my fantasy land spilling out of my face holes and into reality.


Shout out to friend of Jalopnik Banovsky (currently working at RM Auctions) for uploading this clip to YouTube. The world is a better place thanks to your efforts.

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"I defy you to be as adorable as this race of Daihatsu Midgets."

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