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The Tesla Model 3 should start deliveries some time in the next mid term election cycle, but at least one prototype is out on the road, doing testing and looking good.

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Tipster Jeff Klakring spotted the car not far from Tesla’s Silicon Valley home base, and was quick with the camera:

I was driving on the 280 heading toward Palo Alto when three teslas merged onto the highway. The middle one was the black Model 3. Followed it for a minute before I had to exit.

I stood in line to order a 3 so I kinda freaked out when I saw it.

It will be a bit of a wait, that’s for sure. Tesla’s first affordable car might not finish its deliveries until 202o, and Tesla’s not even having a good time producing low-volume cars now in 2016. How well they’ll fare with a mass-market vehicle is yet to be seen.


At least this prototype looks choice.


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