If you looked at this Craigslist listing and said, "holy crap who would do that to a Bentley Continental?" don't worry. It's actually a Chrysler Sebring.

If you looked at this picture and said, "holy crap pass the eye bleach, I can already feel the nightmares coming on," then I can't help you.

However, if you happen to be disturbed enough to want to buy this monstrosity, you're in luck! It's for sale on the Orange County Craigslist for just $15,000. Let your Seth Cohen-wannabe fantasies run wild. Here are the details of the car.

Customized Bentley style Chrysler convertible. Custom kit 28 inch Giovanni Rims lexani tires burberry/swade interior primer exterior 50 inch flat screen on trunk projector under the hood I pad connection 2 12 subs amp Lambo doors lights in each Rims different colors airbags really too much to list please call for more info

Go here to see the ad when the listing inevitably gets taken down.



(Hat tip to Matt!)