You know those times when you're watching something incredibly stupid going down, and you just know it's going to end very badly, but somehow it... doesn't?

That's exactly the situation we have in this video, which shows a 16-year-old kid attempting to clear his driveway of snow and ice, as teenagers are often ordered to do. But the twist here is that the kid does it in an Audi R8.

It doesn't work (because of course it doesn't) and he just ends up doing low-speed donuts. And somehow, perhaps thanks to the grace of Audi Jesus or something, he doesn't put it into a wall or one of the other cars in the driveway.

Where do I even start with this one? Why does this kid have access to an R8? Why did he think driving around would clear up the snow? That's something my Texan friends who have never dealt with snow before would do. What's his excuse? And why didn't the car crash?

I... just, wow. There are no words. If anyone needs me, I'll be watching football.


Update: As reader Tamos pointed out, this video comes from someone at Platinum Executive Travel in the U.K., which purports to offer chauffeur drivers for hire in Rolls-Royces and other high-end rides. They have some more videos here. Snow plowing is apparently not among their specialties.

Hat tip to m2m, predator of apices!