This Smart car may be the world's smallest food truck

Austin, Texas — home of the University of Texas, Matthew McConaughey, and the world's largest urban bat colony — may now add to its accolades that it hosts the world's smallest food truck.

A "Berlin-inspired kebap" restaurant is using a modified Smart car to peddle shaved-meat sandwiches around the city. We think they'd be better off with an actual car, or perhaps a bicycle, or a Segway. But believe it or not, the Smart seems to make some sense for Verts, the restaurant that owns it, because once the meat's cut from the spit, it only lasts for two-to-three hours.


That said, the little sucker's still fitted with enough of their proper food-serving kitchen stuff: There's a steam warmer, fridge, and fresh-water supply. All told, it's enough to run out with supplies for 50 sandwiches and then return to the home base.

In a larger context, the Smart kebap truck is one in a long line of innovations for bringing fattening foods directly to the mouths of Austinites; in 1999, two UT students started a business delivering fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

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