Illustration for article titled This Russian Mom Tried To Dump Her Baby On A Busy Freeway

Elena Osina, 24, felt that she needed to do something about her 9-month-old son. Her boyfriend had moved out and her parents, whom she lived with, were complaining about the child.


So she and her 21-year-old brother put the baby in the middle of a busy Moscow freeway in hopes that he would be squashed by passing traffic.

Just like that. Problem solved. Only, it didn't work out that way. Luckily, a passing motorist stopped and rescued the child. It's a wonder no one captured this on their dash cam.


Osina and her brother were sentenced to eight years in prison, so now she doesn't have to worry about a hard life with an unwanted child. Now, everything will be provided for.

Photo credit: Texas Child Protective Services

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