You might not need it for anything car-related, but this is an insanely good price on the compact Rockwell BladeRunner. It usually sells for at least $150. [Rockwell BladeRunner, $105]

This modular tool cabinet would look great in any garage, and is almost half off today from Sears. [Gladiator Modular Gearbox, $130]

Speaking of garages, if you do a lot of DIY work in yours, do your feet and back a favor by picking up a few of these anti-fatigue tiles. I use a standing desk, and I can tell you that a good mat makes a world of difference if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Each pack includes six 2'x2' interlocking tiles, to arrange however you wish. [Anti-Fatigue EVA Foam Floor Mat, $16]

Amazon is currently offering the Verizon Moto G for just $70 with no contract. It won't work with Verizon post-paid plans, but you can get it on the network with some prepaid data. Or, you could just forego a cell plan altogether, and just use it on Wi-Fi as an iPod Touch-like Android device. Yes, it's a cheap phone, but it's really pretty solid! [Moto G, $70]

It's only 8GB, but $6 for the smallest flash drive on the market? Yes please. [SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB, $6]






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