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This Porsche 911 Aerodynamic Concept Was The Shape Of 911s To Come

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you guessed this Porsche 911 Aerodynamic concept was from 1984, then you have a really sharp eye. At a glance, it smacks of 993 that was still a decade off from when Porsche decided to apply some wind-cheating features to its classic shape, and prove it wouldn't disturb the look too much.

There are plenty of quirks here. The wheel covers aren't super Porsche-like (but they're kind of awesome) and the big wing on the back looks redundant. But all of it contributes to lowering the drag coefficient from 0.40 on an '84 911 to just 0.27 on this car. That's great, even today.

And you know, I actually like that stupid wing on the back. People still do this to their 911s today, and all this time Porsche could've been charging a bazillion dollars for that option.