You know that funny feeling you get when a big rig truck tips over in front of you and comes sliding, on its side, headlong at your car, only to just barely stop after tapping your front bumper? That’s sort of the feeling you’ll get watching this Polish dashcam video.

Incredibly, according to the video’s description, seven people were only ‘slightly injured,’ and it’s not known if that includes the person who’s car dashcam captured this video, and who I assume must have suffered a mild head injury when he or she was rocketed upward out of their car seat by a powerful and wholly justified terror-fart.

Here’s the video’s description, translated:

The accident occurred on Sunday, hours before 08/02/2015 in Lublin at the intersection of ul . Sikorski al Solidarity. Truck tried to avoid a collision with a Citroen, drove up the island and 7 people were slightly injured.



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