Needless to say, I fell in love with the Austin A40 Farina at first sight.

  • A proper classic from the late fifties? Check.
  • A hatchback that almost looks like a shooting brake? Check.
  • British? Check.
  • Italian design? Check.
  • Rear-wheel drive? Check.
  • Lightweight? Check.
  • Racing pedigree? Check.

No, really, the A40's tuned versions were all over the racetracks back in the day, and the one driven by Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom at the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally came 2nd in class for standard series production touring cars up to 1000 cc and 10th overall.


That's why the car is eligible for Goodwood, which is a good thing, because in the right hands, they are fast as hell and put on a great show in the corners.


And she looks fantastic in red too...

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