This Pennzoil Throwback IndyCar Is The Best Throwback IndyCar

30 years ago, Rick Mears won the Indy 500 for Roger Penske in a Pennzoil car. This year, Helio Castroneves will go for Indy 500 win number four for Roger Penske in a Pennzoil car. This is nostalgia done right.

Today at the opening practice for the Grand Prix of Indy, Pennzoil and Team Penske introduced this throwback livery for Helio Castroneves's Indy 500 ride. It looks amazing, and just like the cars that Penske ran in the 1980s.


The Month of May is starting off right.

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Seeing those cars next to each other like that makes me realize even more just how ugly the new ones are. I know I know, they're safer and that's great. But wow they're ugly.