This Old Toyota Land Cruiser Is The Weirdest Place For A Supra Engine

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We've seen the twin-turbo Toyota Supra 2JZ engine powering all kinds of things, but I never would have thought that big boosted six banger would find a home, or even fit, under the hood of a 1970 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser.


4Runner, sure... even an 80-Series Land Cruiser seem like viable truck candidates for a Supra swap. But a shorty forty? Those are meant to putter around, held together by spit and luck between sinews of rusty metal! And here some showoff has to go and drop a monster motor in there.

Though I must say, they did a really nice job building this 4x4. I'm not to sure about that Hi-Lift mount, but overall it's a damn clean build and a great color.


For those who want to pass judgement on asking price; the owner of this Land Cruiser wants $36,000 or a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback for it. But I'd really love to know if anyone's seen this engine in a smaller truck.

Hat tip to Jesse S! Images: Craigslist

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It isn't that weird. It was originally a straight 6 and now it just has a more powerful newer Toyota straight 6. It's like putting an LS1 in a K5 Blazer.