Illustration for article titled This New Jersey Crown Victoria Owner Was Arrested For Acting Like A Cop

We love police cruisers. They're big, fast, parts are plentiful, and they're usually pretty cheap used. But even though they're cool, using one to pretend you're a cop isn't.


Kenneth DiLuigi, 53, apparently liked the police vibe his retired cruiser exuded. He was arrested by the New Jersey State Police after they received several complaints of a green Crown Victoria driving erratically and attempting to force motorists to pull over on the Atlantic City Expressway.


An investigation led to DiLuigi, who is being held on $10,000 bail. Police impounded his police equipped Crown Vic. DiLuigi looks a little roughed up in his booking photo, but if the state police know anything about it, they aren't talking.

Photo credit: New Jersey State Police

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