Hey Joey, what’s happening? Well, uh, rumor around town says you might be thinkin’ about going down to the pits. You know, swap out wheels, fuel the car, maybe watch the car catch fire, and change into that Def Leppard t-shirt.

Flamin’ Camaro, Flamin’ Camaro

To garage you’re headed

Flamin’ Camaro, Flamin’ Camaro

Please don’t roast unleaded!

Things got really hot during today’s NASCAR Xfinity Series season ender when Joey Gase’s Chevrolet caught fire in the pits. Sadly, Gase was forced to retire after the mishap.


If you see him at the Sand Bar (you know, that place that lets 16-year-old kids drink), maybe buy him a round.

(With apologies to The Dead Milkmen. And yes, we know they use fancy Sunoco E15 instead of regular unleaded to fuel the cars.)

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