This Mustang Crashing Video Feels Like A Scene From A Sitcom

You know how in low-budget sitcoms, there’s a standard joke setup where someone warns someone to be careful, then the warn-ee walks into a doorway, and then you hear a bunch of crashing and breaking things, and then they come back out and say some punch line? That’s pretty much what this video is like, only with a Mustang.

I hope the Mustang driver is unhurt, because I can’t help but crack up at this video. I think it’s the crashing sounds—they’re almost too good, too perfect, too on-the-nose to be real, but they are. Part of me wishes the video kept going so I could see the driver emerge with a smashed lampshade on his head and a toilet seat around his neck.


Also, if a solitary hubcap would have rolled by just before the camera pans to the wreck, that would have been perfect.

Also worth wondering: how the fuck did this wreck even happen? That looks like a lovely, bright, dry Los Angeles day, there’s not much traffic, the Mustang wasn’t even going that fast, taking a left-hand turn through the intersection, and then everything goes nuts.

Did the driver hit both gas and brake at once? It looks like the front wheels are smoking as the car crosses the intersection – did the brakes lock the front wheels, somehow?

I’m baffled. Was there a Cars and Coffee letting out somewhere in that building?

It’s hard to let that joke die when we keep getting these videos sent to us.

(thanks, Dashcam Warriors)

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