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1968 was the last year Minis wore the BMC badge, but this version of the original Countryman with the 'Breadthalyser' plates somehow didn't quite make it into production.

This show car called the BMC Maxi Mini was about twice as wide as the normal one and another photo of it from 1968 shows that the front went through Mini's rally treatment while the rear went with wood.


The British Motor Corporation merged into British Leyland in late 1968, only to get turned into a part of the Rover Group in 1986. BMW finally cleaned up the mess the British made in 1994. The Germans got rid of many Rover Group brands, but kept Mini to build many cars that are anything but mini. And with the idea of the six-door Clubman Concept out of the question now, the modern Countryman SUV remains the biggest of them all with a length of 161.3 inches.

Photo credit: Getty/The Evening Standard

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