Some Scumbag Stole StanceWorks' Sexy Toyota Land Cruiser

Photo: StanceWorks/Mike Burroughs
Photo: StanceWorks/Mike Burroughs
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Our friends at StanceWorks are known for taking gorgeous photos of slammed little European cars, but editor-in-chief Mike Burroughs is also known to roll in this lovely lifted 1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser. At least he was until it was stolen last week.

A post on StanceWorks’ site says the truck was stolen from Tustin, Orange County, California. Mike has asked anyone who sees it to call the police immediately.

The blue/grey truck has a three-inch lift kit, an ARB front bumper, a winch, sweet Nitto Trail Grappler Tires on LodioDrive wheels, and a recently-installed swing-out rear bumper. And, if the thief is an idiot, it still wears the Tennessee license plate 58367AA.


It’s clearly a pretty unique truck, so if you see a Land Cruiser matching that description, drop it off at my hou—err, call the cops. Seriously, someone please find this beautiful SUV before something happens to it.

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Andrew P. Collins

This might be the perfect truck for that ARB bumper. Totally looks designed for it, which is not usually how I feel about the company’s chinpieces.