Our eagle-eyed readers have caught Smart ForTwo development mules out testing before, but those looked like slapped-together botchjobs. These two, captured together outside a hotel in Illinois, look much closer to production, and much different from the current model.


On the other hand, Rehan and Fahim, the readers who managed to snag these pictures, think it might be a new Scion iQ. It is a bit hard to tell from what we see here, considering how the new ForTwo is supposed to look significantly different from the old model, but how it looks so similar here to a current iQ.

But hey, maybe Smart just likes Toyota's styling.

This is also the closest look we've gotten yet into the new Smart's interior, and it looks like it'll feature a funky little protruding screen (if that isn't a developer's engineering tool), and also an innovative spare tire storage system where the front passenger seat used to be:


I kid, I kid, of course, but seriously, Smart should make that an option. It might help with the weight distribution.