This Michigan Student Fell On His Ass Trying To Backflip At Graduation

Davenport University is famous throughout Michigan for advertising like hell to get people to either go back to college or get an MBA. And now this: A horrific attempt at backflipping during a commencement ceremony that

Instead of the normal two-thumbs-up or perhaps an excited "woo-hoo!," Robert Jeffrey Blank decided to show off his gymnastics skills after getting the fake piece of paper that stands in for a diploma before you get the real one in the mail, provided you've paid off past due parking tickets and whatnot.


Rather than a smooth landing, Blank landed flat on the stage with a loud thud, horrifying the academics looking on. The announcer asked if he needed a minute, but like all of us in embarrassing situations such as this, that's one minute too many.

Blank hasn't suffered any injuries, we're assuming.

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