This Mi-8 Just Cruises Along A Highway In Ukraine To A Sweet Doors Remix

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We see a lot of low flying videos out of Russia and Ukraine, but this one is of especially high quality and has a great soundtrack, if you are in Snoop Dogg/Doors mashups that is. (And who isn’t?)

The video is said to have been shot outside of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine’s fourth largest city. Although the terrain is fairly flat, there are obstacles to dodge, including high-tension power lines and overpasses.

Different accounts put the number between four and six Ukranian Mi-8MTs and Mi-17s (the export version of the Mi-8) having been shot down by rebel forces in eastern Ukraine over roughly the last year and a half. Another three are said to have been damaged or destroyed on the ground.


When you account for these losses, about two dozen of the type remain in operational service with Kiev’s forces, as such it is nice to see them out flying instead of be treated as war reserve hangar queens.

Catchy song, too.

Source: Janes

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