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This Mercedes SL-Based One-Off May Have The Ugliest Ass Ever

Behold, my friends, the Filandi Ever S. It started life as an SL (R129) roadster, but clearly car-god Automphilion (all hail the many-piston'd one) had other plans. Sinister plans.


Built in Bologna, Italy by Moreno Filandi, the Ever S retains all the Benz' mechanicals, but sheathes them in a strangely Aventador-meets-amphibian-phylum body, which boasts some interesting innovations like the first open-roof gullwing doors I've ever seen. They're sort of halfway between scissor doors and gullwings, somehow.

But the worst is that rear. I'm all for people being experimental and trying new things and taking risks, but that ass-end is going to haunt me. I need to look at a picture of Marty Feldman just to re-calibrate the bug-eye receptors in my brain to something less terrifying.


I'm not putting a screengrab of that ass in the topshot there because what if a pregnant woman walks past our website? I don't want that on my conscience.

So, you know, enjoy!

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Audi For Life

That's saying alot considering Mercedes's own rear ends don't look all that hot.

Then again, it could be a lot worse...