Huh. No, they don’t not even a little. What about the sedan?

Uh, still no. They’re both cars, I’ll give you that, Ford.

Jesus, Ford, give it a rest! It’s getting embarrassing now. Nobody mistook Granadas for Mercedes-Benzes. It didn’t fucking happen.


Did these ads work? Is there one single recorded case of someone promising someone a Mercedes and trying to slip a Granada past them and hope they’d, you know, not notice? Was anybody about to pull the trigger on a new Benz and then see a Granada and think, holy shit, that’s close enough!

I mean, the Granada would likely get your ass to and from work just fine, and in that sense would be a fine replacement for a Mercedes. But if you wanted a Mercedes, I don’t think a Granada would have ever been seen as close enough.


Ford’s ad agency people must have been really, really convincing. But at the same time, I’m not even really sure how much they bought into it, considering they tried selling the Granada like this, too:

Image for article titled This May Have Been The Most Delusional Ford Advertising Campaign Ever
Photo: Ford

This time it’s a dead ringer for a Cadillac. Sure, why the fuck not, 1975 Ford. Why not. It looks more like the Caddy than that Rabbit, that’s for sure, and, fuck it, that’s probably good enough?

Right, late ‘70s Ford? Nothing really matters, does it? Grenadas are Mercedes. Ford-Benz. Whatever the hell you want. Knock yourself out.