If it's your responsibility to transport a huge, fragile package shaped like a sewer pipe, can we suggest not using a Ford Mustang to do it? And, should you be stuck in this strange predicament, can we further insist you don't connect said pipe to your car with sweatshirts closed into the trunk and hood?

What's most maddening? The contraption seems to be working. Do not try this at home.


The photos here were snapped by Jalopnik reader Christopher, who says he was driving down I-205 in Portland, Oregon and saw "some kind of large tube/pipe strapped to a Mustang held on by sweatshirts closed into the trunk and hood."

Any guesses as to what is in the tube? A poster? Something light-weight?

It's already a sort of massive FAIL on its own, but the shot of the "FRAGILE" sign taped to everything makes this just too hilarious. Must be Italian.

(Hat tip to Christopher!)

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